Mr Pie – Deliver the taste of daily fresh baked pies

Australian Hospitality Alumni Network Vietnam is pleased to introduce our food partners of event “Melbourne Coffee Culture” – Mr. Pie – The pies brand established with the goal of bringing the taste of an Australian favorite food to Vietnam.

Mr. Pie Story

Mr.Pie was established in early 2020 with the goal of bringing the taste of an Australian favorite food to Vietnam. Pies are loved dearly by Australian as well as people from many other countries, such as South Africa and New Zealand. Pies seem to have the same affect to anyone of any nationality. They bring an immediate smile when enjoying a warm golden crusted pie, savory or sweet. Mr.Pie growth over the past 2 years has been great and somewhat of a miracle considering the circumstances of these trying times. The Mr.Pie team has expanded its growth into other provinces as the taste for pies takes hold in Vietnam. With a new store opened in Hanoi, in a prime location, we are sure the future look as golden as our pastry. 

Mr. Pie Products

From day one of Mr. Pie, the brand has made it’s pies and pastries from scratch. Each pie under Mr. Pie brand is made to its own unique recipe.

The pie fillings are made from fresh ingredients including 100% Australian steak, mushrooms, Phuquoc green peppers, Dalat carrots, leeks, potatoes, onions, cheese and fresh cream.

Mr.Pie puff pastry is carefully folded and rested several times before becoming a pastry or pie.

At Mr.Pie, we cater for everyone’s needs. We offer variety options include savory, sweet pies, vegetarian pies & sausage rolls available in both hot & ready to eat pies or frozen pies to reheat at home. 

Mr Pie Products
Meat Pie

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