Pegasus students won 2nd prize at the K-Food contest organized by the Korean Consulate General in Da Nang

Tran Minh Tan – Students of Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management (Australian Qualification programme), is from Ho Chi Minh City, currently a 2nd year student of Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management at Pegasus International College Danang.

Tan shared that in the past, you studied a short-term kitchen course at a vocational training institution in Ho Chi Minh City, then you had the opportunity to work in an international environment at 5-star hotels in Ho Chi Minh City. However, you choose Pegasus to study and get an Australian degree to take a further step in your career, and especially you want to fulfill your dream of working abroad later.

Back to the Korean food competition, you happened to know about the contest by chance, and you signed up with just a passion for food, not expecting to win. However, not only excellently demonstrating his processing techniques, but also convincing the judges with an English presentation about your chance to participate in the contest as well as the reason you chose this dish.

Student Tran Minh Tan was also honored to win the second prize in the contest to conquer Korean cuisine.

Tan brought to this contest the dish “spicy stewed kimchi tofu” with the hope that it will be a health food for people to overcome the Covid pandemic.

Tan also once shared that: You love the kitchen profession and you have never regretted choosing this profession. Pegasus School is very proud of the results Tan has achieved and is honored to accompany him on the path to conquering his dreams.

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