Operation Smile Vietnam – “We believe every child deserves the right to smile”


Operation Smile is an international medical charity that has provided hundreds of thousands of free surgeries for children and young adults in developing countries who are born with cleft lip, cleft palate, or other facial deformities. It is one of the oldest and largest volunteer-based organizations dedicated to improving the health and lives of children worldwide through access to surgical care.

Operation Smile came to Vietnam as part of the normalization process between Vietnam and America. Since its first inception in 1989, Operation Smile has been providing more than 62,000 free screenings and medical treatments to Vietnamese children and families, bringing them new lives, hopes, and dignity. The organization also helps to train thousands of in-country medical professionals for future self-sufficiency purposes.

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32 years accomplishment and thousand of stories

In addition to supporting healthcare quality improvement through hundreds of training courses, scientific seminars and medical exchanges for doctors and medical professionals, Operation Smile cooperated with the Vietnamese Ministry of Health to build Develop and complete the Surgical Safety Criteria, which will be officially applied in more than 1,450 hospitals across the country with 3 million surgeries per year, bringing quality and safety of surgery to patients’ families. patients, especially those from the disadvantaged group.

501 Medical & Dental Programs

Operation Smile united some of the most talented health professionals within the country to deliver free surgical and dental care to tens of thousands of patients.

More than 62,000 PATIENTS TREATED

Their volunteers provided critically needed care for more than 62,000 patients in 32 years.

800,000 Volunteer Hours

International and Local medical professionals donated nearly 800,000 volunteer hours, a value of $62,400,000

Six months after the surgery, when the incision was completely healed, Danh’s mother said that the whole family was overjoyed when Danh’s lips were healed like many other normal children, Danh’s health was even improved. improved and most importantly, Danh’s mother could fully understand what he was saying.

At school, the kids never called Danh “Sứt” again. My family and I are so grateful to the supporters and volunteers of Operation Smile who changed our son’s life forever, as it changed the lives of over 60,000 other children.”

Danh’s Mother

“We believe every child deserves the right to smile”

During more than 30 years of operation in Vietnam, Operation Smile has continuously organized meaningful community activities such as Gala Dinner and Charity Auction, bringing countless bright “smiles”.

One of the events that cannot be ignored is Color Run For Smile (CRFS), with the scale of thousands of attendees. Color Run For Smiles 2019 was the first charity run event held by Operation Smile with the purpose of raising funds to support surgeries, raising public awareness as well as enhancing donor engagement and cooperation. The event attracted 3,000 participants including staff from corporates, Hanoi running groups, students from high schools, colleges, and universities as well as public communities.

In a supportive role by partnering, fundraising, sponsoring, sponsoring or volunteering, you can help Operation Smile deliver safe surgeries and the best treatment to children around the world. Visit the WEBSITE to donate to the organization and see more about the journey to bring smiles to Vietnamese children.

You can give them the opportunity to live a life free of stigma, alienation, or hopelessness

Operation Smile Vietnam

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