Legacy Yên Tử – A strong and humble testament to Vietnam’s past

Officially operated since August 2018, Legacy Yên Tử is a 5-star resort with 133 rooms built by famous architect Bill Bensley, the author of many luxury resorts in the world. Inspired by the ancient relics on Yen Tu mountain and meticulously designed to every detail, Legacy Yen Tu – MGallery is the quintessence inherited from the thousand-year history of Vietnam. The retreat area is completed with handcrafted furniture, with materials produced by traditional methods such as sackcloth made of jute fiber, rice husk walls, old-fashioned latched wooden doors and floors made from local pottery that are almost lost. 

Surrounded by the holy land of Yen Tu Mountain and its eternal energy, Legacy Yen Tu – MGallery offers a story allured stay together with exclusive experience for a moment of calm in such an inspiring cycle of life as well as for your inner peace. 

Belonging to Dong Trieu Arc, the highest peak is 1,068m. In the past, the mountain had the following names: Tuong Son, Bach Van, Phu Van, Linh Son, and An Tu. Yen Tu is a blessed land, a famous mountain and a spiritual place, recorded in the worship book.

Endless inspiration from thousands of years of culture and history

Yen Tu is the home of Vietnamese Buddhism originated, after the 12th-century King-Monk Tran Nhan Tong, the third king of the Tran dynasty, abdicated the throne and went to Yen Tu Mountain to practise and teach Buddhism, before founding the Truc Lam School of Zen. In the midst of its vast forests and impressive temples sits the Legacy Yen Tu MGallery, which was inspired by the local heritage and spirituality, and was built using ancient techniques.

Up on the misty ridges of the Yen Tu Mountain, a sacred Zen Buddhist site, the Legacy Yen Tu resembles an ancient palace, completed with stone corridors and handcrafted ceramic floor tiles sourced from northern villages. “Step inside and you’ll feel as if you’ve reached a new realm of calm” – said Legacy Yên Tử

Each of the mountain view rooms features local design elements that recall Tran’s dynasty, including burnt orange burlap and lotus flowers, brought to life as copper knobs on each door, incense jars, stuffed rice sacks, and more. Guests will hardly notice the absence of television – a purposeful exemption in order to maintain a sense of respite while indulging in yourself at this mystical property.

Whether you are here to trek or to seek spiritual guidance, doing so amid a natural forest and serene landscape is sure to unlock inner peace.

Legacy Yen Tu – MGallery
Thien Quan offers a rich menu of teas, coffees as well as a variety of beers, champagnes, wines, cocktails, bringing a space with sophisticated and elegant design. 

Singular and Inspiring – A place for peace of mind after fatigue

Each boutique hotel in the MGallery collection tells a unique story, inviting guests to immerse themselves in tales of adventure, romance, history, culture, nature and more for the length of a memorable stay. While the entire hotel is designed with breath-taking yet simple elegance, it is the guestrooms, including Superior, Deluxe, Suite and President Suite, that best capture the heritage, culture, craftsmanship and atmosphere of Yen Tu Mountain.

Junior Suite with 2 single size beds

The culinary experience at Legacy Yen Tu is diverse as it offers a wide selection of Vietnamese and international food and drinks. With luxurious style, Tho Quang Restaurant offers unique design in classic style from wood, copper and 100% ceramic tiles are produced by hand from traditional villages. Thien Quan offers a rich menu of teas, coffees as well as a variety of beers, champagnes, wines, cocktails, bringing a space with sophisticated and elegant design. 

Tho Quang Restaurant

With over 852 sqms of flexible space of Dien Hong Ballroom which is breakable into 5 meeting rooms and a dedicated foyer utilized for tea-breaks or guest welcoming set-up, our space sets a scene for unique events in spectacular settings with a modern and fully-equipped facility, professional staffs with attention to details service. Besides, Legacy Yen Tu is also a great wedding venue since they offer rustic venues with stunning views and exceptional setting to make guests’ fairytale weddings come true, from striking ceremonies to romantic decent ones. 

Weddings at Legacy Yen Tu

A vacation will not be complete without interesting activities and experiences, this is also one of the proud highlights of Legacy Yen Tu. Soar over the lush forest canopy, bask in breathtaking views of Northern Vietnam, Yên Tử Mountain cable car allows visitors of all ages to experience this inspirational journey at their own pace. Visitors can experience a colorful cultural space of the ancient village of Northern Vietnam at Lang Nuong cultural space, or relax at Am Tue Tinh Wellness Center specializing in herbal bath, treatment and wellness consulting.

An outstanding 2,240 sqm Am Tuệ Tĩnh Wellness Centre specializing in herbal bath, treatment and wellness consulting.
Aim to harmonize body, mind and soul into a total wellness, “Am Tuệ Tĩnh” offers authentic treatment experiences revolving around three key pillars: Tue Tinh physical wellness practices, meditation as a life nourishing method and royal standard of therapy rituals.

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