60% of consumers say they’d switch travel brands after just 1-2 poor customer service experiences

[Travel Daily News] A new report from call validation and fraud detection company, Next Caller illuminates just how the stress test that travel brands have been under since the ‘return to travel’ has impacted customers and lessened the margin for error brands in the industry have when it comes to customer service and CX.

With the widespread staffing crisis continuing to force teams to do more with less, the coming surge of travel activity we are likely to see during the holidays has brands facing a situation where they must find a way to keep up with the demand or risk losing customers. And with 60% of consumers saying they’d switch travel brands after just 1-2 poor customer service interactions this isn’t hyperbole either.  

In order to help brands keep up with this ever-shifting landscape, Next Caller recently commissioned a study to over 1,000 consumers to analyze the experiences they’ve had during the ‘return to travel’ and illuminate what brands must do to navigate successfully through the next couple months and beyond.

Hotel receptionist

Highlights from the report are:

  • 60% of consumers surveyed said they’d switch travel brands after just 1-2 poor customer service interactions
  • 46% of consumers said their recent experiences when calling a travel or hospitality brand were “just OK”, with an additional 20% saying it was “slow and frustrating.” That is over 65% reporting something other than a good experience. 
  • When consumers were asked to identify why they choose certain businesses for their travel needs, the top three responses were 1) “It’s usually a great experience 2) “When issues come up it is fast and easy to deal with customer service and 3) “My experience is consistent every time”.
  • 5% of travel customers believe that they have been targeted by fraud since the onset of the pandemic
  • 54% of consumers say that their desire to travel has motivated them to get a Covid-19 vaccine. 

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