Why should you study Hospitality in Vietnam?

First of all, it must be admitted that the very fast development of Vietnam’s tourism leads to a huge demand for tourism human resources, both in quantity and in quality that we cannot currently meet. Even the developed countries of the world have a shortage of tourism human resources, because sometimes this field grows faster than expected.

Choosing a learning environment is also a matter of concern for many parents and students. Hospitality training in Vietnam is also being strongly promoted to meet the resource needs of businesses. However, there are still many conflicting views on the quality of training as well as the learning environment. The following article will mention some reasons why you should study hospitality in Vietnam

Cost savings

The biggest obstacle that makes many students and parents wonder when deciding to study abroad is the cost, especially for the hospitality industry, because not only tuition fees, but we also have to pay a lot of other expenses such as living. , means of transport, etc. Studying right in Vietnam is considered to have a quite reasonable and reasonable cost, suitable for many families, this must be obvious when most students do not have to worry too much about paying. life. Currently, the hospitality industry is being widely trained in major cities in our country and has quite methodical and rigorous training programs.

One of the major Hospitality training institutions in Vietnam is Pegasus International College. At Pegasus International College (PIC), students receive quality training, focus on practice and practical knowledge. PIC students are arranged to practice at the most famous 5-star hotels and resorts in Da Nang and Hanoi such as Furama Resort, InterContinental, Vinpearl, Hyatt Regency, Sheraton, Novotel… 4-5 star hotels after graduation.

Reducing culture shock

Sharing with AHA Vietnam, many students confided that after returning to Vietnam to work, they were really “culture shock” with the service industry in the place where they were born, thereby leading to high rates of unemployment. The rate of industry switching increased quite uncontrollably. The hospitality industry and the restaurant-hotel environment in Vietnam are definitely different from those in Europe, the US or Australia, from the way they operate and manage to the culture and lifestyle of the people. So, to avoid being shocked and surprised by situations, be very careful before making decisions.

One of the great benefits of studying in Vietnam is that you will be closely exposed to the industry reality, the community culture of the restaurant-hotel environment in Vietnam. Having the opportunity to experience real-life situations, participate in specialized training courses and directly work at businesses, … right in the school will try to orient you to understand and firmly grasp the culture of the Vietnamese people

Multiple short-term certificate courses

Besides the cost and human factors, another convenient thing in Vietnam is short courses with various certificates such as FO, Sales, Marketing, Mixing, Kitchen,… Flexible time together with a comfortable cost is very suitable for those who plan to learn more specialized skills to be able to develop themselves comprehensively.

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