Meet the Community Leader: Chi Le – Your life, your choice, so why not live happily to the fullest?

[Meet the Community Leader] Australian Hospitality Alumni Network Vietnam (AHA Vietnam) is pleased to welcome Chi Le (Jane) as our newest community leader. Chi graduated with an Advanced Diploma Degree of Hospitality Management at William Angliss Institute, Australia. Moving back to Vietnam after graduation, Chi is currently the Food and Beverage Manager at Q Industries Vietnam and continuously contributes to a hospitality industry community in Vietnam. 

How did Chi end up working in the hospitality industry?

Chi studied as a family-oriented Chef because they found that Chi has developed her talent in cooking since she was at her very young age and the fact that she loved the Master Chef series. However, not so long after her graduation, Chi thought that she was not really suitable for being in the kitchen, so she went to higher education. According to Chi, the more she studied, the more she realized her growing passion for the hospitality industry.

Life is yours, the choice to live that life is also yours. So, why not live happily to the fullest?

Chi Le

It was very fortunate that Chi has received much enthusiastic support from her mother and that was also the motivation for her to keep trying. It was also her mother who found that she was very gifted in communicating with the people around her and that she was able to make them satisfied in a very convincing way.

Chi Le (The girl in the middle) in a cooking class

The decision to go back to Vietnam

Vietnam is a rapidly developing country in Southeast Asia, an ideal destination for anyone to develop their future in the Hospitality industry. Chi returns to Vietnam with the desire to use what she has learned and experienced to help her hometown have a better Tourism and Hospitality industry, as well as help young people with the same passion for the Hospitality industry have more development opportunities.

With enough knowledge, skills and work experience, I could do what I want anywhere in the world.

Chi Le

How does Chi see herself in 10 years?

Chi had always dreamed of becoming a Teacher to share what she knew and experienced with everyone. But when she witnessed her mother’s success, Chi also wanted to become an Entrepreneur. Chi said “Maybe in the future I may be the owner of a restaurant, both doing business and being an F&B Advisor for Hospitality students as well as F&B start-ups’. With her unremitting efforts, we believe that Chi can do everything she wants.

Chi and her classmates at William Angliss Institute Australia

I’m becoming more and more mature thanks to all valuable advices from my mentors

“Be kind to people, treat people as you would like to be treated”

Dale Carnegie taught in his classic book ‘How to Make Friends and Influence People’.

Chi shared that “Everyone likes to feel special and in the spotlight, if you care about people and treat them like they are all special people in your life, then they will love you for it”. As a person pursuing the hospitality industry, this advice helps Chi a lot in serving and communicating with customers.

Living easy, living free is also considered as a guideline for Chi’s life, helping her stay optimistic and live to the fullest with her choices.

“Maybe because it is like a word that wakes me up when I am under pressure in life. Life is too short, why waste time and wallow in negativity, when the only thing you need to think about at that time is simply to live Easy, and live Free.

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