Meet Community Leader: Rainna Huynh Thu Thuy – Do something today that your future SELF will thank you for.

Meet our Community Leader: Australian Hospitality Alumni Network Vietnam is pleased to welcome Huynh Thu Thuy (Rainna) to join our team of Community Leaders as an active member of the network in Central Vietnam. Thu Thuy is a proud alumnus of Pegasus International College and currently the Talent & Culture Administrative Assistant at Hoiana Hotels managed by Rosewood Hotel Group.

Graduated with an Australian Qualification – Advance Diploma in Hospitality Management at Pegasus International College, Thuy was referred as one of the most outstanding students of her own intake.

Huynh Thu Thuy – Alumnus of Pegasus International Colleague – Australian Qualification in Advance Diploma in Hospitality Management | Image: Huynh Thu Thuy

Thu Thuy is not only a student who strived in her studies but also actively participated in extracurricular activities to improve her skills and experience. During her coursework, Thu Thuy was one of the typical students selected by the school to receive a scholarship in the hospitality industry funded by CoCobay Scholarship Fund. She was also part of the Pegasus team participating in the 2018 restaurant skills competition.

Do something today, so your future self will thank you for.

Sean Patrick Flanery
Huynh Thu Thuy and classmates in Hospitality Management Program at Pegasus International College

Thu Thuy is a well rounded person, with knowledge and skills in various areas of the hotel industry. Before taking a role in the field of Human Resources as a Culture & Talent Administrative Assistant at Hoiana Hotels, Thuy was a Guest Service Agent at Hilton Danang Hotel and Guest Relations Officer at Vanda Hotel Danang. While she was still a student at Pegasus International College, Thuy was successfully hired as a Butler by Novotel Danang Premier Han River for her industry placement.

Australian Hospitality Alumni Network Vietnam has taken this opportunity to interview Thu Thuy to have further insights of her learning and career journey:

Why did you choose to study hospitality?

“I think I am not supposed to say that I would like to be a server when choosing to study hospitality, but it’s true”. Thuy said that there were times in her high school years that she started observing how the tourism and hospitality was blooming in Danang and there were several universities and education institutions that started offering hospitality courses at the time. Thuy thought that was a good sign to choose hospitality and tourism as a major and she believed she was on the right track leading her to a bright future.

Your best memory at Pegasus International College?

It would be the day that my two respectful teachers, Karen and Michael came to visit me and enjoyed a brunch meal at the Executive floor of the Novotel Danang Premier Han River, where I was a butler trainee. It was my honor that I had the opportunity to show them what I had learned, how I had grown up and done well. Last but not least, I was the person who in charge taking care of them. On the other hand, I felt that I always had the support and care from not only my teachers but also my colleagues. I thought this is how studying at Pegasus made such a difference to my career and I wouldn’t get the same experience if I chose to study elsewhere.

The best advice that you have received?

“When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.”

In our industry, the smile is the first impression, the unique indicator and the significant contribution for everyone who is working and enjoying hospitality services. We cannot avoid the ups and downs but in every situation, you should take a deep breath, change the point of view then smile and move on towards positivity.

 Who do you want to be in the future?

Our dream, my friends and I, is to build a complex building where we will provide comfortable accommodation, a relaxing and inspirited spa, a wonderful restaurant, and an insightful creative café. We would picture that as the best workplace for the younger generations of hospitality students to come and experience what genuine hospitality services is about. Besides, I would like to contribute to the society, ideally, to enhance the awareness of using nylon products that are harming the environment, and help to find economical sustainable practices to apply at my current workplace.

Joining Australian Hospitality Alumni Network Vietnam

Sharing with AHA Vietnam the reason that Thuy would like to take part of the network, she said “I wish to create the network and the community, not only for caring and sharing knowledge and experience but also for discussing and developing career paths. I would like to do something today, which will benefit myself in the future”.

Published by Australian Hospitality Alumni Network Vietnam (AHA Vietnam)

The Official Platform for Australian Hospitality & Tourism Alumni and Professionals in Vietnam.

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