Meet Leanne Summers – Wedding MC and Celebrant in Vietnam

I’ve since found my heart, soul and my sense of humour. Life is simple; The Toe Cutter is gone. She’s now, Leanne, kindness giver, wanderluster and lover of love.

Leanne Summers
Leanne Summers – Wedding Celebrant Vietnam (Photo: Aaron Joel Santos)

The Perfect Life

Before we get to the wedding celebrant part, Leanne told us quickly about her “perfect” life. Within the hospitality sector, Leanne had worked at some of the best premises in Australia including MGM Grand Casino & Hotel Darwin, Mirvac Queensland and Oaks Hotels and Resorts, mainly in Human Resources and Legal sector. Leanne referred herself as a ruthless corporate lawyer, to the extent that she had colleagues who referred her as: “The Toe-Cutter”.

Leanne said it was miserable. She felt devoid of soul,  her heart and her meaning. Sense of humour? Um, ‘left the building’, she said.

One of the best things that happened to Leanne, was to get married to a wonderful husband – Mark Summers. Mark and Leanne enjoyed all the “things”. They had the trappings of success: lived on the Sunshine Coast, had the money (and the mortgages). They took the holidays, they could fly interstate for a cheeky weekend escape. They indulged in long, expensive brunches and hosted boisterous dinner parties. Many people considered them very successful. 

But Leanne didn’t feel successful. She felt a bit like the Tin Wood Man from The Wizard of Oz as she was looking for her heart. 

In 2012, Leanne decided to escape the rat race and take a new direction in life. Leanne and Mark moved to Vietnam in a crazy quest for a simple life filled with meaning and purpose.

They said it was the best thing they ever did. 

I’m Leanne Summers – wedding celebrant. I had the “perfect” life in Australia. Then left it behind and moved to Vietnam.

Leanne Summers
Leanne Summers – Wedding Celebrant Vietnam

Welcome to Vietnam – The Chapter of Love!

Not long ago, Mark and Leanne recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary in Vietnam, and of all those 20 years, they have been living in Hoi An over the past 10 years almost. They obviously have been to other parts but the Central Vietnam, accordingly to Leanne, is the best part from what they find: The weather, the beach, food and culture. She told us that the food from Hanoi (North) seemed to be a bit plain and boring (Ooops – sorry Hanoians) for her own taste and the winter there was usually too cold for her to handle, which makes her an absolute a ‘local Aussie’ from the very Central Vietnam.

“A heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others.”

Leanne’s favorite wise words from the Wizard of Oz when the Tin Woodman received his heart.
Mark & Leanne Summers (Photo: Leanne Summers)

Why is she a destination wedding celebrant?

Because Vietnam has taught Leanne that her “jam” is serving people with kindness. Celebrating love and human connection fills her cup to brimming. That’s why she decided to become a wedding celebrant.

Leanne is passionate about your marriage commitment. And as she confessed that she is hopeless romantic, Leanne adores all your stories, the hilarious anecdotes and the teary bits. She believes that’s what makes your relationship: yours.

Leanne’s Essentials and find out what makes her a ‘Local Aussie’?

​She starts each day walking on the beach in our village of An Bang, with our favourite pooch hound, Button. 

She eats noodles for breakfast – every day – in local noodle shops. If it was ten years ago, she would laugh at this ‘fact’ as she never thought that she would eat soup for breakfast. Never.

An Bang Beach, Hoi An – Image: Travel Off Path

She is most happy with Mark next to her. She loves a cold beer or bubbly. Paired with great cheese and her husband, and she’s in heaven.

She could happily eat a pizza covered in nothing but tomato, olives and cheese.

Leanne is a tragic Richmond football club supporter. Yeah, the kind who suffered through the mid-1980s, 1990s through to our premiership in 2017.

She rides a little Honda Sup Cub motorbike every day. She’s her little nana bike. Her quaint village is gorgeous; the Vietnamese have embraced the weird foreigners. she goes to to the local markets. She shops for food like a local Vietnamese: meal by meal.

What about the language? Her Vietnamese is good enough to order beer and market supplies. It seems she’s got enough survival skills.

​What about Australia?

She does still carry Australia in her heart as she watches the footy, V8 supercars and the Melbourne Cup. She doesn’t miss the freeways, the constant busy-ness and the consumption mentality. She loves home. And she’s always happy to touch down on Vietnamese soil.

​That brings us to end_less reasons to catch up.

From a corporate lawyer to a Wedding Celebrant/MC, a kindness giver and now living like an Aussie/Central Vietnamese local, this is perhaps one of the best heart-warming stories that we can find these days, and Leanne is definitely one unique personality that we have been very fortunate to meet.

So, whether you need a Wedding MC or Celebrant, or a ‘local’ Aussie to show you around while visiting Hoi An, Leanne can be contacted via email We are sure you could easily ‘Google’ her also. Australian Hospitality Alumni Network Vietnam is here only to help us connect the dots.

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