ASEAN Access Free Virtual Webinar: Innovation in the F&B sector on 30 March 2022

[Supported News] ASEAN Access invites SMEs to the first “Market Talks” webinar on innovation in the food and beverage sector!

Ever changing trends and demands from consumers, as well as environmental concerns and the impact of the ongoing global pandemic have all shaped the F&B industry in recent years, with the increasing emergence of the importance of sustainability.

From healthy and plant – based foods and drinks and increasingly advanced manufacturing technologies, to reducing waste by creating value from food waste, environmental awareness in the production process, and sustainability up and down supply chains, the food and beverage industry is changing and is driven by innovation.

It is important to ensure that SMEs, the backbone of economies in most of the world and also in ASEAN, also stay on the bandwagon and embrace the prospect of doing and being different, forward thinking and benefit from new products, technologies and business models, as well as innovation support systems available to them. 

In this webinar, ASEAN Access invites SMEs in the F&B sector to join Southeast Asian, and European, industry experts who share their insights, experience and advice about various aspects of innovation – from “how to” to “we did that”.

Please note that you cannot book matchmaking meetings during this event. After registration, the “Book meetings” function is disabled as this event does not include matchmaking.

Register for Free HERE

After registering, please go to “My attendance” in your personal menu and tick the box for the webinar session, so you’ll get the zoom meeting link.


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