Webinar: Come Down for Air Tasmania

Australian Hospitality Alumni Network Vietnam is pleased to invite Australian hospitality students and alumni to join our newest series: There’s nothing like Australia to explore some of the best from Australia’s beautiful destinations and culture.

Australia is abundant with unique experiences and awe-inspiring landscapes. There’s a well-known vibrancy in its natural beauty, but don’t forget to seek out its history and culture as well. There’s plenty here to inspire your future travel plans so, go on, take a look around and let yourself dream of all the possibilities.

Whether you are planning to travel, study or to live in Australia, this event series serve as a beginner’s guide to get to know the culture a little bit better and deeper.

Are you ready for endless sunshine, beautiful beaches, dramatic deserts and ancient cultures? Start planning your trip with our first-timer’s guide to visiting Australia.

First stop in this journey, we would like to ask you to ‘come down for air’ visit Tasmania to experience the cleanest air in the world.

Tasmania may be Australia’s smallest state, but it packs a punch when it comes to the ultimate vacation destination, buzzing with art and nurturing an exciting foodie scene – and, for outdoor lovers, this is a magical place where you can experience remarkable natural beauty, with brooding mountains, stunning beaches and what’s said to be the cleanest air in the world.

Date: Saturday 12 February 2022
Time: 10:00-11:30 GMT+7 (Vietnam Time) | 13:00-14:30 GMT+10 (NSW, VIC)
Event topic: There’s nothing like Australia: Tasmania
Educational Level: Beginner
Event Platform: Zoom (Link to be provided with the event confirmation)
Fee: Complimentary
Language: English

Guest Speakers:
Mr Michael Roberts – Lecturer of Pegasus International College | Former Executive Director of Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Mrs Karen-Goodwin Roberts – Head of Hospitality at Pegasus International College | Australian Chef | Author of Island Harvest: Celebrating the seasons in Tasmania kitchen

Register HERE

Book: Island Harvest: Celebrating the seasons in a Tasmanian kitchen by Chef Karen Goodwin-Roberts

Please note that registration will be closed by 23:59 hrs Thursday 10 February 2022. We will take the first 50 participants who registered to the event.

We look forward to taking you to a journey of possibilities within the hospitality and tourism industry!

For more information, please contact: info@ahavietnam.org or visit our website at www.ahavietnam.org

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The Official Platform for Australian Hospitality & Tourism Alumni and Professionals in Vietnam.

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