Study Abroad in Vietnam – Earn Australian Qualification at Pegasus International College

In the past few years, Vietnam has become an ideal study destination for international students on a budget. In addition to the affordable living costs, the country has an incredible culture and is filled with friendly locals. 

Studying Australian Qualifications in Hospitality Management & Commercial Cookery in Da Nang

There is no doubt that Da Nang would easily make it to the top hospitality education destinations in Vietnam. While there several study options for you to choose from, many of our alumni chose Pegasus International College as the first choice for internationally recognized hospitality education in the Middle Region of Vietnam.

Tassie to Vietnam: Meet the Roberts – We make every day an adventure!

This week on Living in Vietnam, Australian Hospitality Alumni Network Vietnam would like to take you to Danang for a visit to two of our ‘local’ Aussies: Michael Roberts and Karen Good-win-Roberts, an Australian couple who has been calling Vietnam home for more than 5 years.

Danang, Vietnam – The most livable city in Vietnam

With broad beaches, fantastic street food, the fabled Hải Vân Pass, and a growing collection of cafes, restaurants, and bars, it’s no wonder the residents of Đà Nẵng sport some of the broadest smiles in the country. The warm sands of Mỹ Khê Beach sweep south from the mountainous Sơn Trà Peninsula. Đà Nẵng hosts some of Vietnam’s top luxury resorts, but much of the beach still belongs to the people who make it their playground, gym, and source of livelihood.

Meet Community Leader: Rainna Huynh Thu Thuy – Do something today that your future SELF will thank you for.

Meet our Community Leader: Australian Hospitality Alumni Network Vietnam is pleased to welcome Huynh Thu Thuy (Rainna) to join of team of Community Leaders. Thu Thuy is a proud alumnus of Pegasus International College and currently the Talent & Culture Administrative Assistant at Hoiana Hotels managed by Rosewood Hotel Group and and an active member of the AHA Vietnam in Central Vietnam.

Pegasus International College in Danang, Vietnam

Pegasus International College was established in 2015 in Da Nang, Vietnam. The College is a member of the Kinderworld International Group, Singapore. The College provides high-quality vocational education training programs in the field of hospitality and business for students graduating from junior high school or higher in Vietnam.